The butterfly house

The butterfly house – a bridge between the Tropics and Romagna

That reality sometimes exceeds fantasy might sound like a trope, but it is what actually happens at the Butterfly House in Milano Marittima – a biodiversity heaven that takes a little bit of the Tropics into Romagna. In this magical place, hundreds of tropical butterflies are free to fly in a 500 sqm glasshouse, painting swirls of colour in the air.
Time stops still as children gaze open-mouthed at the tireless, kaleidoscopic fluttering of 40 different species of butterflies. Forget the urban segregation between humankind and wildlife – here these magnificent creatures of the air can be observed at a close distance as they fly from flower to flower, resting on the bushes and large-leaved ficus and banana trees or even on visitors’ shoulders, if they fancy their aromas and the colours of their clothes. The tropical glasshouse is a highly emotional and interactive experience in a complex and perfectly reproduced ecosystem that is made all the richer by giant snails, carnivore plants and exotic flowers.
Butterflies’ entire life cycle is delicately and respectfully protected. The insects are born here and remain free to fly throughout their lives in a safe environment with temperatures and humidity rates that are kept at optimal levels. Additionally to the tropical house, a new glasshouse called The Caterpillar has just been built for local butterflies.
The interactive close encounter with nature and wildlife continues in The Insect House, home to invertebrates such as crickets, mantises, stick insects, bees, beetles of all sorts and other insect extravaganzas. And don’t miss a chance to visit the other parts of the Centre – the educational exhibition, the themed bookshop, the wide garden with its playground, and the botany trail winding among the plants of the typical local pine grove.
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