Safari Ravenna

Safari Park


Safari Ravenna, close to Mirabilandia Park, is a wildlife park that allows you to see at close quarters and without any barrier about 700 animals of 100 different species, including wild animals which live in complete freedom.
The Park, the first one with a zero impact in Europe, is a meeting place between man, animals and the environment and it creates a constructive and exciting contact which generates knowledge.

These are the main areas which is possible to visit in the 45 Park hectares:

SAFARI: where you can admire numerous species including lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, hippos, bison, camels, ostriches, llamas, antelopes and many others.
The path (4 km) can be driven by car by bus, by our small train or by our electric cars.
In addition to this the expert guide presence gives you the possibility to carry out a real didactic visit, increasing the knowledge and the contact with wild animals.

PEDESTRIAN AREA: an area with enclosures where it’s possible to walk or tour by a small rail train between autochthonous and most common animals (cows, sheep, goats, pony or horses) but also between rare specimens like Leopard Turtles from Ethiopia or Tibetan goats. In the Pedestrian area there are also “Baboons Island”, “Lemurs Island”, “Marosets Home”, “Rettilario” and two small didactic buildings ʺAula Celliʺ (Room Giorgio Celli)  and ʺSmall Faunaʺ.
  • BABOONS ISLAND: hosted in a peculiar environment especially for them. You can admire them at close range during the rail train tour.
  • LEMURS ISLAND: an area created specially to host the small monkeys made famous for the cartoon ʺMadagascarʺ. During your park visit you can meet them at close range, these ʺloveable roguesʺ!
  • MARMOSETS HOME: wonderful news for 2015! Two very nice small monkeys, less than 30 cm tall, to admire in the “Small Fauna” building.
  • “RETTILARIO”: 80 specimens including about 30 rattlesnakes, a coral snake, four pythons, some dwarf crocodiles and alligator snapping turtles.

SAFARI VILLAGE: the playground area for children and kids of all ages has two big and free inflatables with many other outdoor games to have a good time in safe space.
A covered space by a huge canopy, made of photovoltaic panels. In this area these are all the Park’s services, including a Restaurant (it also has gluten-free menus) and a picnic area.

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